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    Lead users are users that are ahead of a crucial market trend and really feel that they largely profit from an revolutionary solution that satisfies their desires in the location of this market place trend (Franke, von Hippel, and Schreier, 2006; von Hippel, 1986). They develop domain-relevant skills in this area by tinkering and experimenting to develop a answer that meets their desires (Brockhoff, 2003; Franke and Shah, 2003; Morrison, Roberts, and Midgley, 2004; Urban and von Hippel, 1988). Two groups of users are probably to possess relevant domain-specific capabilities in imagining a future RNP and its usage. 1st, customers with high expertise on merchandise in connected solution categories might TD139 site obtain it less complicated to visualize the utility and usage of RNP concepts (Schoormans et al 1995). Second, technologically reflective folks (i.e men and women using a tendency to consider the impact of a technological item on its users and society generally) may possibly have developed domain-specific skills in reflecting on the use of technologies, generating it easy for them to imagine a future RNP and its usage (Schweitzer et al 2015).Conceptual Framework and Hypothesis DevelopmentA conceptual framework for transportation. Figure 1 presents the conceptual framework for transportation in idea improvement tasks associated to RNPs. Transportation is conceptualized as the capability of a customer to develop a vivid mental image of aJ PROD INNOV MANAG 2017;34(1):101F. SCHWEITZER AND E. A. VANDENHENDEFigure 1. Conceptual Framework with Drivers and Consequences of Transportation in Notion Improvement Tasks Associated to RNPscertain scenario, including working with a new item idea (Escalas, 2004; Green and Brock, 2000; Van den Hende and Schoormans, 2012). The framework establishes angles for enhancing consumers’ transportation. Additionally, the framework explores the effect of transportation on RNP-related idea improvement tasks in which customers provide tips for enhancing an current idea. The conceptual framework starts having a story format, product expertise, and technological reflectiveness because the drivers of transportation. Further, the framework comprises the capability to enumerate the benefits along with the disadvantages of a idea and valuable tips for notion improvement as consequences of transportation. Improvement concepts are precious after they are extremely novel, feasible, and advantage consumers (Kristensson and Magnusson, 2010; Poetz and Schreier, 2012). Story format as driver of transportation. In solution notion tests, participants typically obtain a description of a notion that explains the technical qualities of a possible new solution (Dahan, Kim, Lo, Poggio, and Chan, 2011; Dahan and Srinivasan, 2000; and Rosenbaum, 1992). While such concept descriptions operate effectively for INPs, they usually do not convey facts regarding the solution in a way that enables idea test participants to envisage RNPs well (Van den Hende and Schoormans, 2012). A achievable remedy may be the description of an RNP notion within a story format. Persons have utilised storytelling for centuries to entertain others and share details (Schank, 1999; Woodside, 2010). In recent years, the effectiveness of storytelling as a suggests ofconveying corporate data to shoppers has been increasingly studied in the context of narrative ads (see for evaluations Van Laer et al 2014; Woodside, Sood, and Miller, 2008). The transportation imagery model (Green and Brock, 2002; Van Laer et al 2014) investigates the part of transp.